Experts Academy Membership

A phygital opportunity to become a member of our local and international community of experts, aiming to support sustainable entrepreneurial initiatives and connecting professionals who wish to: share their knowledge and experience, be inspired by innovative initiatives, encourage future entrepreneurs to develop sustainable solutions to crucial social and environmental issues, connect with other experts from the research, entrepreneurship, public administration, and third sector.

How Academy Experts contribute:

2 hours/month of mentoring with a startup or project of their choice, and/or One 60-minute advisory session per month with a startup or project of their choice, and/or participation in the following upcoming business empowerment events.

Business Clinic

Three members of Impact Hub, each with their entrepreneurial initiatives, share a specific, yet pivotal challenge with the rest of the community and a diverse group of experts from the realms of business design and modeling, strategic development, marketing and communications, intellectual property, legal affairs, and more.

Following the initial presentation, the experts divide into three groups – innovation sessions, one for each invitation. For the next approximately 60 minutes, they engage in questions, exploration, and collective brainstorming, with the purpose of arriving at viable proposals and determining the next steps.

Typical duration: 70 minutes


Skill exchange, networking, and inspiration take place among the members of Impact Hub, accompanied by cake and coffee (or tea). The event occurs right after the monthly Open Day and includes engaging discussions and presentations on various topics, such as the sharing economy, the internet’s potential, marketing for social enterprises, negotiation tactics, zero waste initiatives, circular business models, and more. These discussions also attract external participants and organizations.

Typical duration: 40-60 minutes

Demo Days

During the DemoDay, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, and numerous promising startups have the opportunity to showcase their ideas/projects and connect with investors. Simultaneously, they leverage the collective intelligence of a relevant audience, comprising many members of the community and partners, to receive valuable feedback.

Typical duration: 100 minutes

Each entrepreneurial plan presentation lasts for 5 minutes, followed by a 15-minute Q&A session.

Upcoming event: November 2023.

Speed Dating

Entrepreneurial sessions are held with the participation of accomplished entrepreneurs, who offer guidance to aspiring and ambitious future entrepreneurs in addressing specific challenges and finding effective and implementable solutions. Each month is dedicated to a different thematic focus.

Typical duration: 60 minutes

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