About SkillShare events

Members of Impact Hub Athens community & team share their knowledge & skills in short sessions on a monthly basis! Skill exchange, networking, and inspiration take place among the members of Impact Hub Athens during curated sessions! Accompanied by cake and coffee (or tea), we open our physical & digital doors and invite you to engaging presentations with educational elements.


March ‘s SkillShare

🌐 Amplify Your Business: Unleashing the Power of a Strong Online Presence

On the 21st of March, at 18.00, in our physical space, we will host POL from bloomyhub.com! The workshop will cover key topics on the importance of the online presence & Ways to enhance our online visibility and engagement, including SEO, Social Media Strategies & Content Marketing! After the workshop, the participants will have defined their online presence goals together with an according action plan.


▶️ Join us for an interactive workshop on a step by step approach.

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