Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Impact Hub Athens is unwavering in its commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). At the heart of our mission lies a dedication to fostering Equality of Opportunity, with a focus on achieving gender balance that extends across our entire organization. This commitment ensures that our staff, communities, and broader network experience equitable access and treatment.
Since our establishment, these principles have become ingrained in our core priorities and daily operations. They not only shape our internal culture but also resonate with the universal values that form the foundation of the global Impact Hub network. Our approach to DEI goes beyond rhetoric; it is an active pursuit reflected in tangible actions.
We have set horizontal targets to actively engage femininities across all our entrepreneurship and business support programs. Additionally, our commitment extends to inclusivity for people with disabilities, and we have designed specific programs addressing minorities, marginalized populations, and migrants/refugees. This comprehensive approach ensures that DEI isn’t just a concept but a lived reality at Impact Hub Athens, driving positive change within our organization and echoing outward into the communities we serve.

Find our Gender Equality Plan 2024-2027 here.



Impact Hub Athens is committed to sustainable practices across its workspaces, events, and educational initiatives. In the design of our workspaces, we prioritize collaboration, productivity, and accessibility while minimizing our environmental footprint through hot desking and energy-saving practices. In event planning, we focus on sustainability, reducing waste, recycling, and sourcing locally to inspire creativity with responsible consumption.
Our educational programs empower community members to develop sustainable ideas and businesses, contributing to a socially responsible entrepreneurial landscape. We foster connections within our local and global community, promoting social entrepreneurship for impactful collaborations. Providing access to tools, expertise, and financing opportunities, we support socially responsible businesses’ growth. Our consulting services align with sustainability, promoting responsible practices and positive societal contributions throughout the project lifecycle. Impact Hub Athens invites the community to join us on this journey toward a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Find our Sustainability Statement here


Child Protection and Safeguarding

Impact Hub Athens is dedicated to safeguarding the welfare and rights of children and young people in accordance with Greek national and international legislation. The organization prioritizes the welfare of children and youth, promotes the well-being of families and refugee communities, and respects the rights, wishes, and feelings of all individuals involved.
Our commitment includes creating a safe environment during Impact Hub Athens’ activities, residential courses, and workshops, ensuring that young people feel comfortable and secure. Staff and volunteers are expected to uphold the principles and ethos of Impact Hub Athens, showing respect and understanding for individuals’ rights, safety, and welfare.We actively endeavor to safeguard children and young people by adopting child protection guidelines, sharing information, and involving relevant agencies when necessary.

To prevent and combat risks of child rights infringement, Impact Hub Athens takes measures such as conducting risk assessments, implementing a safe recruitment policy, establishing service delivery contracting policies, and communicating its policy clearly to staff. Professional boundaries, a mandatory code of conduct, and a clear reporting process for safeguarding issues are integral to maintaining a secure and respectful environment. Visitors are required to commit to this policy, and regulations on the use of images and videos are in place. Impact Hub Athens remains dedicated to ensuring the well-being and protection of children and young people in all its operations.

Find our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy here.



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