What is Impact Hub?

Impact Hub Athens is part of an International Network of social driven professionals and a variety of high impact creative professionals that are dedicated into prototyping the future of business. From social inclusion and social integration to environment and fair trade, the Impact Hub Athens is engaging expertise from its worldwide presence and creating a net of intercultural, high impact community that acts locally and internationally.



We have designed a welcoming and inspiring space where you can work, schedule your meetings, host your events and collaborate. Working at Impact Hub Athens is not just about having a comfortable chair. It is about the community that we have created, which guarantees an amazing hospitality and which you can join by picking one of the flexible monthly memberships we are offering.


We organize events, presentations and programs that inspire creativity, provide valuable insights and support to your business. We organize and host lectures and workshops that empower your team and encourage professional development. The space can host a variety of events from just a small meeting to a large conference.


Boosting your business takes a fair share of courage and we are here to help. We have mentors, workshops, networking and funding opportunities ready for you. We offer access to resources, knowledge and talent to help you increase the positive impact of your work and watch your business grow.


We are experts in interconnecting people and promoting collaborations among our members of both our local and the global community, thereby creating a culture of social entrepreneurship.


We offer access to tools and methodologies, expertise, mentors and financing opportunities, helping you increase the social impact of your venture.


We offer support and consulting services to professionals and organizations, from the idea­ generation stage through to the incubation phase and finally, the acceleration and scaling stage of their project.


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