Private Offices

We offer closed office spaces with a capacity of 2 to 6 people for more privacy for you and your team. Choose the place that suits you and stay in direct contact with the other members of our community, using all our available common areas!


Aiming to provide the best possible experience to our members, we have different meeting rooms to meet their needs for meetings and presentations, a fully sound-proofed telephone booth for private phone calls and online meetings, a kitchen for everyone to feel like home home and of course our beautiful Athenian garden!

Garden meeting room

Garden meeting room is ideal for private meetings of our members with their teams or with their (future) partners.


  • Space Extras
    LCD TV 40″, internet οπτικής ίνας 50 mbps,γραφική ύλη, flip­charts


Workshop Room

Workshop room is used by members of our community to host larger meetings, presentations, seminars or other events. It has all the necessary technical equipment and has the possibility of alternative set-ups depending on the needs of each event. It is also one of the main venues that we host our community events!

  • Space Extras
    Projector, Fiber internet connection of 50 mbps, Sound System, flip­charts, markers, post-its



Athens Comics Library

Other than being a great resource for the Greek comic book community the library is also a good space for our members to host their workshops, closed meetings and seminars. 


  • Space Extras
    LCD TV 40″, Fiber internet connection of 50 mbps, flip­charts, markers, post-its


The phone booth is used by our members for their online meetings as well as for private phone calls since it  is soundproofed 


Our Athenian garden, a small, green oasis in the center of the city, is the ideal area for our community to meet and relax, and maybe one of the spaces that the most creative and inspiring ideas come to mind


Undoubtedly the busiest spot in Impact Hub Athens. Here, our members find hot coffee and tea every hour of the day, they can prepare fresh juices, cook and of course, have a lunch break with the rest of the Impact Hub Athens community.

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