Kypseli’s Municipal Market

The first Market of Social Entrepreneurship

Our main goal is the Market to become a lever for the regeneration of the local economy, that will attract a new audience and will bring interest, products and services to the locals and entrepreneurs, while offering new experiences to the Athenians.

Following a participatory model of management and revival of the urban commons, the Municipality of Athens chose through an open process the Impact Hub Athens in order to manage the reopening of the Municipal Market. In 2016 the Municipality of Athens renovated the Municipal Market of Kypseli, so that the building could be reused in the most beneficial way for the society, within a bigger plan of re-utilizing all available resources of the city, promoting at the same time, culture, innovation, creative entrepreneurship, while upgrading the quality of life in the local community. Our aim is to put the 6th District on the map, and make it again into a pole of attraction. The Municipal Market of Kypseli, an open space for the locals, now organizes and hosts educational and cultural activities, as well as social enterprises, based on the agenda of development, social creativity and participation.

Commercial social shops

New products, wonderful ideas for gifts, flowers, toys, clothes, fine foods, where each shop actually supports a social purpose.
Pop up markets (both thematic and non). Producer markets and tasting experiences with special flavors and cuisines from around the world as well as Sunday Pop Up Brunches every month.

Get to know more about the Kypseli Municipal Market here.



Organizing cultural events in collaboration with cultural operators and artistic groups (theatrical performances, festivals, concerts, screenings, Cine – Mageiremata, visual arts). Our aim is to provide full access on high-quality.


Focusing and hosting educational courses, activities as well as experiential seminars for different demographic groups, focusing on skill development (language learning, career orientation, business development practices) and the means of expression (dance, photography, music, visual arts), organizing and hosting courses to familiarize with modern technology tools (programming, robotics, digital content development) and using music as a connecting link and the unique methodology of the global el sιstema, music education is accessible to all children in the neighborhood of Kypseli.


Kypseli Municipal Market is reviving through a new model of collaboration

Kypseli Municipal Market was renovated by the municipality of Athens with European funding. The next step was, after managing an open process of active participation of citizens through the ‘SynAthina’, an open call from the municipality of Athens in May 2015 for citizens to give ideas and their vision for the future of the building. Based on the results, the municipality invited civil society actors to design proposals for the building – looking for solutions both economically viable and socially beneficial.

Impact Hub Athens, which has gained international experience in the social entrepreneurship sector in recent years, has been selected as the organization responsible for the management of the Kypseli Municipal Market. The new form of operation is an innovative model based on culture, education, social innovation, entrepreneurship and empowerment of the local economy. This new model is first implemented in a public building and is non-profit.

The renovation of the building of the Municipal Market was funded by the European Union and in particular from the Regional Program of Attica under NSRF 2007 -2013.


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