Our spaces

In a historic 820sqm building in the center of Athens we have the opportunity to host corporate or other events of small and large groups. From meetings of 2 people to events for 200 guests, we are able to shape our spaces according to the content and needs of each event. Adapting to the new reality and always having our spaces as a reference point, we are equipped with all the necessary technical equipment and know-how in order to offer a unique experience to all our partners through the world of virtual meetings και events.


125 m2

Open Space is the main and largest space of Impact Hub. With cozy aesthetics and unique design, it can host large events, seminars, presentations, workshops, corporate meetings and conferences of up to 200 visitors. It can accommodate multiple setups and is equipped with all the necessary technical and audio-visual support needed for each event.

Space Extras 

Stage, projector, PA system, fiber internet connection of 50mbps, flipcharts, balcony access, possibility of interpreting chamber mounting




The workshop room with homie aesthetics is ideal for corporate meetings, seminars, focus groups, presentations and press conferences. The space has all the necessary technical equipment and has the possibility of alternative set ups depending on the needs of each event.

Space Extras

Projector, fiber internet connection of 50mbps, sound system, flipcharts, markers, post its


Garden Meeting room 

12 m2

Garden Meeting Room is a space specially designed for private meetings and small work groups with a direct view and access to our beautiful garden.

Space Extras 

LCD TV 40″, fiber internet connection of 50mbps, flip­charts, markers, post its



Αthens Comics Library 


Other than being a great resource for the Greek comic book community the library is also a good space to host workshops for kids and adults, closed meetings and seminars.

Space Extras

LCD TV 40″, fiber internet connection of 50mbps, flip­charts, markers, post its



Hub Deck is the main workplace of our community. On weekends it gets some “rest” and can be used as an additional event space with a capacity of 100+ people, natural light, fully equipped and completely accessible for people with mobility difficulties.

Space Extras

Stage, projector, PA system, accessible,  fiber internet connection of 50mbps, flipcharts, access to the garden, possibility of interpreting chamber mounting, accessible

White room 


White Room is available on weekends and it is a great choice for group meetings, project presentations and seminars.

Space Extras

Projector, fiber internet connection of 50mbps, flipcharts, access to the garden



Our recent addition at the heart of Psyrri. Autonomous but also within walking distance of the rest of Impact Hub Athens, in weekends, it can be configured to host workshops, group meetings and closed meetings, project presentations and seminars 

Space Extras

Projector, fiber internet connection of 50mbps, flipcharts, markers, post its

The Agora

Central Space   381m2 | Interior Spaces  – 20m2 – 50m2
A historical space in the heart of the city hosts more than 50.000 visitors every year in more than 300 events, festivals, concerts, screenings, conventions & exhibitions, talks & even fashion shows. The Agora offers a protected open space in a historical Athenian neighbourhood.  The space supports diverse activities & events such as food fairs, live cookings etc and is accessible to people with disabilities, diverse audiences & the residents of the area. 

Space Extras 
Projector, screen, 2 microphones, console, headphones, flip charts, TV Screen 


Other Spaces at Impact Hub Athens

Impact Hub Athens injects a warm ambience by disposing more spaces to enhance your event experience. An open kitchen and an Athenian yard are ideal for tranquil & joyful moments.


Definitely the busiest spot at Impact Hub Athens. A place with the aesthetics and warmth of a welcoming house where the catering of an event can be prepared with professionalism

Space Extras 
Oven, microwave, tables and workbenches, refrigerators, coffee maker, kettle, utensils, crockery, disabled WC, direct access to the garden


Athenian Garden

Our Athenian garden, a small, green oasis in the city center, is ideal for social and professional events, cocktails, meetups. It is also the place where during the breaks of your event or meeting you will find young, innovative entrepreneurs, employees of organizations with a strong social impact who you can meet, discuss and exchange thoughts.



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