Βοοκ our unique spaces to organise and host online workshops, webinars, hybrid events and conferences combining physical and digital presence, meetups or host your online shows.

Benefit from our super speed internet and choose among our various services including  services professional tech equipment and to create a memorable event that turns your attendees into active participants in a safe and dynamic way.

We can help you skyrocket your online event and contribute to its planning, design and management, providing additional services in the field of facilitation, flow coordination and logistics.


Choose amongst our various spaces, customise the set up according to your needs and interact with your audience in a safe and powerful way. Connect with your people through a professional virtual event: conventions, webinars, networking, product presentations and more, covering a wide range of your audience. We offer the use of virtual rooms, with capacity for up to 100 people, with access to a physical room and professional technical equipment (cameras, console mixer, spotlights, etc.), from where to launch your online event with the highest quality.

Services Included: Virtual Room Licence, fully equipped space, fiber connection internet , backup technician, video, report

A la carte services: Online Experience designer, Digital Facilitator,Presentation designer,Post production services



Two equally engaging experiences, online and physical event participation can become a unified one through a hybrid event. Keeping the importance of a face to face event, we provide all the audiovisual & technical equipment to engage your remote audience, in an active and safe way of participation which allows powerful communication and distant access to any content.

Services Included:Virtual Room Licence, fully equipped space, fiber connection internet, backup technician, video, event’s data report.

A la carte services: Catering, Online Experience designer, Digital Facilitator, Presentation designer, Post production services.


We offer different types and spaces set ups amongst which a comics library, a house kitchen, a cosy living room, a blossomed yard, a corporate meeting room and more from which you can record your online show or film your campaign

Services included: Fiber internet connection, furniture, advanced power plug, full privacy.

Throw your virtual event!

Turn a traditional, physical presence event into a modern, high standard online or hybrid version with the simultaneous presence of participants in a physical and a virtual space. Experience a unique experience in the world of virtual meetings and events safely but without any discount on quality!

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