About Business Clinic events

Members of Impact Hub Athens, each with their entrepreneurial initiatives, share a specific, yet pivotal challenge with the rest of the community and a diverse group of experts from the realms of business design and modeling, strategic development, marketing and communications, intellectual property, legal affairs, and more.

Following the initial presentation, the experts divide into three groups – innovation sessions, one for each invitation. For the next approximately 60 minutes, they engage in questions, exploration, and collective brainstorming, with the purpose of arriving at viable proposals and determining the next steps.

December ‘s Business Clinic

Are you ready for an All Star 2023 festive & celebrative Business Clinic

December ‘s Business Clinic, with the support of google.org, will be festive, sparkling & sustainable! Accompanied with with a glass of wine, we will kick off our community ‘s #Christmas Dinner with some peer2peer support, as an opportunity to break the ice & enable connections! A festive moment to enhance the diffusion of ideas, knowledge and thoughts about our ecosystem, as well as the development of communication and cooperation between us!

4 ventures of the Impact Hub Athens community will share with us their challenges on their journey towards building new upcycled products, acquiring new B2B clients, 

Without preparation, come to our HQs, on Wednesday, 13th of December, at 18.00-20.00, to mingle, to get to know each other, to have fun, to talk, to exchange thoughts and ideas about our purposes, vision, actions, struggles, even anxieties!

Invited? All those who are eager to become members of the most vivid & innovative entrepreneurial community of Athens & get connected with innovators & dreamers

Book your spot, by filling in the application form here 

Wanna know more about the challenge owners & their challenges?

Blacklight is a Social Enterprise which designs & implements B2B training services aiming at bridging the gap between people who can see & those who cannot. Thus, they bring enterprises closer to new client segments. 

Blacklight is looking for ways to move the Social performance indicators connected to diversity  (ESG framework) from a “clicking the box” perspective to an actual intervention within the entrepreneurial world! During their participation in the Business Clinic they want to understand 

  • How important is the “S” parameter of the ESG strategies in Greece?
  • How does an ESG department interact & collaborate with the other departments within established companies?

Diti (founder of Théla) & John (John is the co-founder of 3QUARTERS), is a team of two designers/entrepreneurs who have been in the sustainable fashion industry for years. During the past months, they have been experimenting with an upcycling process of ghost gears. They are trying to create a purely mechanical method of cutting and respinning ghost gears into a high-performance, unique-looking nylon yarn. So they want to discuss: 

  • What kind of products can be created through this yarn, made by upcycled ghost gears? 

Grigoris Mastoras has recently relocated to Greece, trying to develop an initiative that offers a blockchain-based platform that empowers politically active citizens by providing up-to-date information on policy debates and a secure, verifiable system for participating in polls. It also enables organizations to conduct credible polls with diverse demographic participation and motivates high-quality responses by ensuring poll integrity and data privacy. Researchers benefit from access to extensive, reliable public opinion data for comprehensive analysis. This integrated approach strengthens the democratic process and enriches academic insights.

After having made some assumptions of the pains & gains of these organisations, he wants to collectively validate them with a relevant group of potential users of this app!

SoLucky by Metallinou is a family business with a long history in designing & creating seasonal gifts! Through their participation in the Business Clinic, they want to revisit their B2B strategy, so that they can become more effective! Which are tactics to increase sales in a very competitive market? Are there more channels that they could activate? How can increase their sales volume? 

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