Throughout the last years, remote work has been adopted as a practice by many organizations and is established as a flexible working format which, in most cases, enhances productivity & creativity.

Ηere you can find an online induction workshop to remote working “Pivoting to Remote Work”, curated by TechSoup.

New softwares, guides & workshops allow seamless collaboration & communication between company members & partners and help individuals to become acquainted with this “distanced” working format.

Among those, we distinguish some pretty handy tools. Their toolkits, curated by TechSoup, follow below:

Asana: online & mobile application designed to help teams to organize, monitor and manage projects & processes.
View the toolkit here 

Zoom: Video-conferencing & chat service through peer-to-peer cloud based software. Zoom allows online conferences, lessons & social gatherings. View the toolkit here



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