We are pioneering a new movement in charity that provides emergency aid and long term solutions where they are most needed. At Choose Love, we believe funding should go straight to the people who need it. That’s why we make sure that 89% of your donation goes straight to the frontline.

Our model is simple. We go where the need is greatest, find the local organisations doing the most effective work, and give them what they need to help people – whether that’s funding, material aid or volunteers.

With this model, we’ve managed to reach over one million people through over 120 projects in 15 countries. Our work in Greece makes up 60% of this and we support partners across the mainland and Island who are reaching some of the most vulnerable people. Our aim is to fill gaps left by large NGO’s and the government and we support everything from search and rescue, food, women and children’s services, youth, integration, education and so much more. We aim to work with teams led by locals and people with lived experience and are needs led.



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