A typical example of Athenian Modernism in the 1930s, the Kypseli Municipal Market – a building of Fokionos Negri Street – was preserved in 2005. Since its establishment, it has functioned as a food market until 2003 and has ceased to operate. It was then threatened many times with a demolition that was prevented by interventions and written protests by important residents of the area. In July 2017, Impact Hub Athens undertook the challenge of reopening the Kypseli Municipal Market and exploiting this emblematic building.

Following a participatory model of management and revival of the urban landscape, the Municipality of Athens chose through an open process the Impact Hub Athens in order to curate the reopening of the Municipal Market.

In 2016 the Municipality of Athens renovated the Municipal Market of Kypseli, so that the building could be reused in the most beneficial way for the society, within a bigger plan of re-utilizing all available resources of the city, promoting at the same time, culture, innovation, creative entrepreneurship, while upgrading the quality of life in the local community.

Our aim is to put the 6th District on the map,and turn it again into a pole of attraction; a meeting for Athens, through the Municipal Market of Kypseli, which now houses educational, cultural activities, as well as social economy initiatives, based on the strong agenda of development, social cohesion and participation.

The call

We are looking for organisations & entrepreneurs interested in residing in the Municipal Market of Kypseli with their commercial ideas and thus contributing to the ongoing revival of the building.

Those keen to bring their fresh ideas in the Market for the next years are welcome to submit innovative proposals combining a sustainable business model with social activities.

We offer 

  • 1 store of 13 square meters 
  • 1 store of 18 square meters 
  1. Common expenses
  2. Involvement in the propomotional activities of the Municipal Market of Kypseli, through social media, press releases, media partners.
  3. Involvement in the events & cultural festivals of the Market as well as the educational pillar (provided that the store’s profile is compatible with the event’s themes).
  4. Site stewardship, hosting of visitors.
  5. Storage units, dedicated for each store (10 square meters)



Rents range from 320€/ to  520€/per month depending on the store’s space.

The fee is directly injected into the Agora’s preservation & operation processes.


  • Sustainability of the proposed idea – case study of the action & business plan 
  • Positive social impact estimation
  • Team (cohesion, timeplan, roles, history)
  • Innovation element  of the proposed idea
  • Strategic Partnerships with other organizations & entities.
  • Relevance with the vision & themed goals of the Municipal Market of Kypseli

Proposal Submission

Deadline – Wednesday 30 September 2020, 11am.

[email protected]


Our vision

Our main goal is the Market to become a lever for the regeneration of the local economy, that will attract a new market audience and will bring interest, products and services to the locals and entrepreneurs, while offering new experiences to the Athenians.


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