“Being a social entrepreneur means being very passionate about your vision and being very ambitious about what you want to achieve with your vision”

 Baran Korkut is a Strategy Designer for Business Models Inc and one of the most valuable partners of our extended network of experts. Based in Istanbul, his main assets are strategic thinking and innovation where he connects the dots between people, between companies and opportunities and between dreams and reality. His strong consulting background spans across geographies and industries, has sharpened his skills in challenging the status-quo, decoding problems and creating solutions that will enable his client implement new, innovative and sustainable strategies. His main purpose is to support organizations to fuel the growth engine by disrupting the way they do work through business model design and innovation. Baran’s journey has taken him from factory floors to distribution centers to high rise offices to garage startups and feels equally comfortable and enthusiastic in all environments as long as he creates value.

Almost inevitably, his journey brought him to Impact Hub Athens, where he has worked with our community on different workshops and business model hackathons. This week, Baran Korkut re-visits Impact Hub Athens, for the very first seminar of our brand new entrepreneurial course Do Business, Do It Yourself! During one of his previous visits, he took the time to sit down for an interview with us. From having your business model as a point of reference in every step of the way to looking for inspiration in diverse areas, Baran has some very useful and insightful tips to share with social entrepreneurs.

“Sometimes you have to kill your darlings. Sometimes you need to let go part of something, for the sake of a sustainable business model”

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