An online gathering tasting like “espresso”

The evolution of technology, the pandemic and the existence of diverse communities, viewpoints & incentives impose bold challenges to the sustainability, resiliency and accessibility of modern urban centres

The 2nd version of #Denkraum: Sustainable Cities & Good Life, occurred in Athens from 6th of 9th of October 2020 organised by BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt &  Impact Hub, in collaboration with Impact Hub Athens, Impact Hub Madrid & Amsterdam.

Combining digital & physical presence and together with distinct voices, Impact Hub Athens assembled a network of mindful individuals to co-inspire solutions for the current challenges in the domains of electric mobility, waste management, green infrastructure and zero emissions, investments in sustainability and resiliency in culture and built heritage.

3 days full of co-creation workshops, fermentations between diverse actors resulted in new ideas & expectations for sustainable cities &good quality of life.

The discussion of  #Denkraum 2020 revolved around specific themes aiming to form collective solutions on burning issues.


 #Denkraum2020 gave a refreshing approach on crucial themes in this obscure season.  It had the taste of espresso, by being empowering, witty and motivating for further action & involvement.

Resiliency is the way to enter a sustainable & functional society and collective design between that drive  innovation, citizens, activists, researchers, public & private organizations amplify the incline towards positive change in many different aspects. #Denkraum in Athens was the starting point for new actions and a promise for physical meet ups & co-creation on critical urban matters.

View the full report here.

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