Are you looking for specialization & know-how that are compatible with your business idea?
Are you concerned with the viability of your business or do you want to take the next step in the market?
Find the business strategy that suits you along with a large network of specialized partners.
Enter Impact Hub Academy!

Enter Impact Hub Academy!

But how can this whole support system become a permanent development opportunity for everyone? How can it be a way for change to make our societies resilient, sustainable, inclusive and just?

We would like to invite you to participate in a three-month business support pilot program to make Impact Hub Athens more accessible.

Our goal is to offer inclusive and accessible business support training programs for even more ambitious and innovative entrepreneurs and to reduce the feeling of social exclusion by hoping that these examples will empower other people as well to follow business paths.


Business Model – Value Proposal

Thinking again of “Why? How? What?” which define the basic DNA of a business initiative – in these meetings we will remember the initial intention of the creation of each company, we will analyze the value proposition and the dynamics for the production of social results. How does all this translate into the Business Model Canvas tool? 2 specialized workshops for tools, scenarios and current situations.

Financial Planning

This workshop aims to make you familiar with the analysis of the operating costs, scenarios and development costs of the company, along with the projected revenue to make the habit of financial planning and programming a value.

Time management

An introduction to time management, relevant tools and principles to make productive use of time and deliverables of both ourselves as managers but also our teams.

The history of the brand – Storytelling

How do we shape the message and history of our business to communicate appropriately and attractively with different audiences?

Positive Impact Management

What is our positive impact? How do we measure our results? How do we manage the relevant processes in order to grow or adapt the positive impact goals we set for our vision?

+1 meeting/ month with a coach

 to discuss the progress and development of the workshops exercises

ώρες δια ζώσης συμβουλευτικής

εκπαιδεύσεις σε φυσικό χώρο

ώρες e-learning

επιχειρήσεις υποστηρίχθηκαν

Social Innovation Ecosystem Engagement & Networking

  • Active connections with entrepreneurs in the Impact Hub community in order to exchange skills and experiences or to forge partnerships or/and customer relationships  
  • 1 thematic skills shared breakfast- During a collective breakfast we discuss in order to disseminate the importance of inclusive ecosystems of innovation and entrepreneurship. 
  • 1 mastermind session: setting a central challenge for each business initiative, we create a group of experts from the community and the network of partners of Impact Hub Athens to respond collectively and think of ideas and solutions to solve the challenge.


3 months: 

  • November- December- January: Invitation, selection, first meeting with a coach, workshops, community meetings and subsequent meetings with the coach
  • January- February: Last meeting and closing interview – feedback on the provided experience and knowledge from both sides (entrepreneur & Impact Hub)

Delivery Procedure

  • Online workshops & 1-1 (physical or online meetings with the coach)
  • Free participation –  based on everyone’s program – in the weekly events of the Impact Hub Athens community for networking and knowledge.

Are you interested in learning more or signing up to participate?

You can communicate with as at [email protected]

“Το Academy συντέλεσε θετικά στον τρόπο επικοινωνίας του υπάρχοντος γραπτού περιεχομένου της ιστοσελίδας της Diversity United.” 

Έλενα Ζερβοπούλου
Σκηνοθέτης, παραγωγός, εθνοψυχολόγος
Ιδρύτρια της One Vibe Films και της Diversity United


”Ενεργοποίησε την επιχειρηματική μου ευφυΐα ”

Σταυριάνα Δαούτη
-MobileArtResidency- Athens_Syros




At Impact Hub Athens our ground floor spaces are accessible and friendly for people with mobility disabilities. For more information and details on the accessibility of our infrastructure please contact us so that we can accommodate you in the best possible way.

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