How can we amplify infrastructure & use of electric cars?


The challenge

Using an electric vehicle on a regular basis requires safe and easy-to-use charging installations. Moreover, these charging infrastructures should allow the user to charge his/her vehicle whenever he/she makes a stop (home, workplace, malls, car parks, etc.) and should not require him/her to stop just to charge: the concept of electric vehicle charging is charging when we stop and not stopping to charge, unlike thermal vehicles! In all cases it is essential that charging solutions need to be safe, easy to use, economical and energy-efficient for the people, for the vehicle and for the installation to which it is connected. This will guarantee not only the availability of electric vehicles, optimized energy consumption and a minimum carbon footprint, but will increase the users satisfaction and lead to a wider acceptance of the change to electrical transportation.  As more people turn to electric vehicles and the electric chargers network will soon rapidly expand to support the charging needs, we need to provide easy to handle, safe, reliable, energy effective and economical solutions to users and handle the increase in electricity demand. Are the cities and building operators ready to adapt and prepare for the new needs for easily accessible EV chargers at almost everywhere? Are utilities and building designers prepared for the new electrical distribution networks to adapt to the new higher and fluid demands and most importantly to adapt existing networks and installations, especially in buildings, to provide for the new needs?


The challenge owner

At Schneider Electric, we believe that access to energy and the digital environment is a basic human right. Our goal is to encourage consumers and businesses to adopt our philosophy of efficient use of energy and resources, ensuring that ‘Life Is On’ everywhere, for everyone and at all times. We provide digital energy management and automation solutions to optimize efficiency and sustainability. We combine world-leading energy management, real-time automation, and software and services technologies by composing integrated solutions for Residential, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure and Industries. We are committed to actively contribute to the dissemination of the countless potential of an open, global, innovative community that works passionately for our values for an essential business purpose and an inclusive environment that promotes participation and initiative by all.

Spiros Raptis

General Manager Schneider Electric Greece &Cyprus

Spiros Raptis is the BoD President and CEO of Schneider Electric AEBE, representative for the countries of Greece and Cyprus. Mr. Raptis joined Schneider Electric in 2010, in the beginning as Partner & Energy VP and thereinafter as Industry & Energy VP. In 2016 he was appointed Commercial Director for the Distributors and Integrators Channels, right before undertaking his current position on June 2017.

After completing his studies of Electrical Engineering & Computer Technology at the Polytechnic Department of the University of Patras, Mr. Raptis built over 22 years of professional experience in several segments of the Energy and Industrial market, covering managerial positions both in Greek and Multinational organizations and successfully leading diverse Sales and Marketing teams active in Distribution of
Electrical Energy, Control and Automation, Motion Control and Field Instrumentation.


Kyriakos Kofinas

Chief Officer E-mobility

George Protopapas


Green Fund

Antonis Adanalis

Sales Operations & Electro-Mobility Manager

BMW Group Hellas

Nikos Kyriakoulis

Founder, Managing Partner

Dimitris Tsekeris

Energy Policy Officer

Kalliopi Papadaki

General Secretary of Spatial Planning and Urban Environment

Ministry of Environment & Energy

Nefeli Alexopoulou

Office Director

Ministry of Environment & Energy

Giannis Tsenes

General Director

Thanos Vlastos

Professor of NTUA, Transport Specialist-Urban Planner, Sustainable Mobility Unit

Evangelos Kyritsis

Environmental Expert, Sustainability Advisor at Agricultural University of Athens

Sarita Varouch

Head of Greece

Konstantinos Staikos

CTO & Co-Founder

Diakoulakis Stelios

Deputy Regional Director, Europe

Maya Andreou

Electrical and Computing Engineer / Founder of Community Energy River

Ioannis Antoniou

Digital Transformation Advisor, New Ventures

Ioannis Vlachos

Open Innovation Lead

Oriana Antonaropoulou

Head Of Business Development

Facilitation by

Dimitris Kokkinakis Since 2010 and after finishing his studies, Dimitris is an active member of the global network of socially driven entrepreneurs and change-makers that is Impact Hub. He is a co-founder of Impact Hub Athens, a community of entrepreneurs and innovators who collaborate towards the development of sustainable business solutions. His experience with the global Impact Hub network has allowed him a profound insight of mobilizing resources and seizing opportunities in order to generate greater value and creative interactions among peers. Before relocating to Athens, Dimitris was the head of Educational Programs and the coordinator of the Hosting team at Impact Hub Vienna. From an early age, he has participated in several youth organizations in the fields of education, art and environment and has been actively involved with various local communities and international student-networks such as AIESEC. His studies at the Department of Administrative Science and Technology of the Athens University of Economics & Business, taught him that through a creative design of systems and technology it is possible increase the efficiency of an organization.


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