About the speed dating events:

Cultivating an ecosystem for innovation requires knowledge transfer and exchange and bringing
together unlikely allies. Through a series of short 1-1 sessions, we match experts with accomplished entrepreneurs/ventures, in order for the experts to offer guidance & feedback, and maybe create new collaborations among the innovators & established organisations. 


Welcoming SEGE – Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs for our February Speed Dating event!

On the 12th of February, at 18.00 in our HQs, women entrepreneurs from various backgrounds, roles and industries introduce themselves, present their projects, meet each other in a 1:1 set up and explore opportunities for collaboration & mutual support.


About the Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs – S.E.G.E

The Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs – S.E.G.E – is a national non-governmental and non-profit organization founded in 1997, and is addressed to women who are active in business in Greece. 

The empowerment for the entrepreneurial and interpersonal development of every woman is the central core of the philosophy of the Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs – S.E.G.E. 

The mission of S.E.G.E. is the development of women and the support of the sustainability of their business through the implementation of actions such as Consulting, Education, Mentoring, etc. At the same time, S.E.G.E. is actively involved with actions designed to empower every woman in order to help her find the professional and interpersonal direction she deserves.


What kind of ventures are we looking for?

We invite powerful female entrepreneurs, from various backgrounds & roles (from brands, one-woman shows, and startups to NGOs and global enterprises). Our goal is to gather these women entrepreneurs at a networking event to spark collaborations, new professional relationships, and opportunities for all participants. We aim to feel inspired, empowered, and connected. 


🖊 How can you participate? By registering here!

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