When was the company founded and what is its activity?

Contentativa was founded in December 2019

How did the idea for its creation come about and what is its social contribution?

The team that created Contentativa, we had collaborated in the past in various ways, either in long or short term projects. This has led us to the need to work more closely, on our own terms, on content creation. What we had in mind was to create content for issues that concern the world but not public speech. The aim is to give public discourse interesting topics related to social and humanitarian interests, in order to produce content that is useful to all people as they promote the claim of their rights.

How many people does the team consist of?

The group consists of 5 people who are also the founding members, plus two legal, communication and rights consultants.

Why did you choose to be part of the Impact Hub community?

Impact Hub is a community with which we have worked in the past often from the positions we held in organizations and institutions. We consider it extremely important to create – and for our part, participate – a community that brings together people and groups with a common vision of the key issues that concern us. Apart from the hosting, what we are interested in is the collaboration with other teams, as well as with the Impact Hub team itself.

Discover them here: http://contentativa.com/ 

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