GameChanger gives voice & know how to teenagers & youngsters, a powerful generation that can drive positive change and makes the possibility of an open minded, multifaceted & peaceful Europe more realistic. 

By touching on burning social matters, GameChanger utilizes popular social mediums & research sources for the promotion of resilience, the avoidance of hate speech and the apprehension among youngsters of Europe.

#ChangeInΤheStreet #AmbassadorsΟfChange  





The interdisciplinary and socio-political artistic project Living Realities – Changing Perceptions made its “passage” from Athens, to the Municipal Market of Kypseli!

Focusing on the traveling photography exhibition “Stages of a Flight”, the project focuses on the contemporary realities of the lives of people who have been forced to leave their countries and seek a new home.

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In collaboration with citizens’ initiatives in Greece, environmental organizations, Patagonia Europe, Amplifiers and Actors of Urban Change, we are creating a cross-sectoral network of active actors and mindful individuals aiming at strategically shifting the national narrative of climate and environmental justice in our country.

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