Giorgos Klisiaris

Founding Member and Administrator of is a Non Profit Association, founded in 2013, to promote sustainable development in the remote, isolated, mountainous region of Elassona municipality, in northern Greece. The municipality has more than 50 villages, scattered around a mountainous relief, just opposite of the Olympus mountain. Being remote and sparsely

populated, the villages, due to lack of the relative infrastructure, do not enjoy the modern communication opportunities available in urban centers as the Telecommunication Companies (TelCos) don’t see profit in investing to the relevant infrastructure. As a result

many of these villages lack Internet connectivity. To alleviate this shortcoming the Non Profit Association designed and deployed wireless community networks in 15 villages in its area, starting from 2010. This infrastructure, offered as a ‘commons’, is openly accessible by all and currently serving approximately 4.500 people.

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