AthensLive is the first Greek non-profit media organization to produce English-language reporting, analysis, and commentary on the situation in Athens and throughout Greece for an international audience. AthensLive was founded in 2017, after establishing itself as a source of  quality digital journalism for an international audience, with funds raised through one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in Greece.

AthensLive is an initiative of Greek and foreign journalists, photographers, researchers and artists aimed at promoting transparency in the functioning of media. Our goal is to enhance the capacity for journalism that fosters social inclusion and a healthy public debate, while building a journalistic platform that supports and advocates for democracy in Greece and abroad on a non-profit basis.

Our journalists dig deep, and will spend months getting to the truth if that’s what it takes. We focus on serious issues affecting our society and identify new areas of investigation through research, data and contacts.
We publish our content online, but events, educational programs and seminars for young journalists and media professionals are at the core of our activities. While fostering new independent journalism in Greece, we are looking to the future.

We build on previous experience but also on the development of new cooperation which ensures the expertise required for the implementation of our projects.
Email: [email protected]

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