WWF Impact Ventures for Greece:

An impactful initiative supports and accelerates businesses that can contribute to the conservation of important natural ecosystems.

Since 2014, WWF has run the international program “WWF Impact Ventures” – a platform for incubating business ideas and an accelerator with positive environmental impact for conservation business. The aim of the program is to create the appropriate supporting infrastructure for businesses that can integrate into their product or service, the value of important ecosystems in selected protected areas around the world and to have access to networks and potential investors.

On February 6th, 2019, WWF Impact Ventures will be launched in Greece!

Specifically, the program aims to create viable, in financial and environmental terms, business plans that can have a positive impact on two particularly important areas of natural environment in Greece: the Dadia – Lefkimmi – Soufli Forest National Park, and the Marine Protected Area of Gyaros.

The program invites creative people with sustainable business ideas, start-ups or existing businesses that have the potential to enhance the conservation objectives in Dadia or Gyaros, to meet the challenge of developing their business skills and accelerating their conservation business in these areas.

Participants will attend a six-month Acceleration Program that will include impact business expertise, tailor-made workshops and training, access to national and international networks and potential investors. Upon completion of the program, prizes of € 10,000 will be awarded in each ecoregion.

“WWF Impact Ventures” program explores new business models that will help local communities to lay the foundations for sustainable development that will add on value and support nature protection.

The deadline for submitting applications is March 6th, 2019 and will be preceded by information events for possible applicants and partners on February 12th in Syros and February 14th in Soufli. (since the PR will be forwarded to local media only, we propose to mention only the local event not both of them. 

Applications from the region of Dadia or Gyaros will have an advantage, while applications may be submitted in Greek or English. Good knowledge of English will facilitate the participation in the program.

Over the last four years, WWF Impact Ventures has implemented 4 programs globally, 43 companies have been accelerated and $ 5.3 million has been channeled to support conservation businesses.


More information about the program can be found at www.greece-wwf-impact.ventures





The Dadia – Lefkimmi – Soufli Forest National Park is one of the first protected areas in Greece, as many species of flora and fauna in the Balkan peninsula, Europe and Asia coexist and thrive. The mosaic of landscapes formed by pine and oak forests, which are surrounded by clearings, pastures and cultivated land, is the ideal setting for birds of prey. Three of the four varieties of Europe (Mavrougus, Ornius and Aspropari) meet in the National Park, while it hosts the unique colony of Mavroypas in the Balkans.



The marine area surrounding Gyaros is one of the most important habitats for the Mediterranean monk seal, hosting the largest population of the species in the Mediterranean, and is part of the European Network Natura 2000, the network of environmentally important regions of Europe.



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