An alliance for the alleviation of energy poverty, with the support of the Bodossaki Foundation.


How can we transition to a more sustainable, participatory, and equitable model of energy production and distribution? How can we effectively address the long-term energy needs of vulnerable citizen groups?

Energy poverty affects over 125 million citizens, presenting a significant challenge for Europe as a whole. In Greece, as per the National Plan for Energy and Climate (NPEC, 2019), nearly 23% of the total population struggles to adequately heat their homes, while the corresponding percentage for economically vulnerable populations stands at 41%. Moreover, the escalating climate crisis not only brings about environmental ramifications but also carries significant social implications that predominantly impact the most vulnerable groups of citizens.

In response to these challenges, the project SYN-ENERGIA emerges as an initiative by Impact Hub Athens and Electra Energy. Its goal is to develop participatory solutions and is implemented with the support of the Bodossaki Foundation.

The two organizations are developing a pilot project, scheduled to commence in June 2023, leveraging their expertise and networks to study and implement a methodology for identifying and connecting energy-vulnerable households with energy communities (EKOIN). The project’s findings and outcomes will be consolidated in an open toolkit that utilizes the regulatory framework of energy communities (Law 4513/2018) and virtual net metering (Law 4414/2016). This initiative aims to reduce energy costs by distributing portions of photovoltaic systems to vulnerable citizen groups. The energy generated will be offset against consumption, leading to a significant reduction in utility bills. Moreover, the project will prioritize educational activities and advocacy efforts to promote the long-term integration and implementation of these solutions at the local and institutional levels, in close collaboration with public entities and municipalities.

Drawing on their longstanding collaboration and their commitment to energy democracy, particularly through advocacy initiatives and mobilizing their networks, the two organizations are undertaking to implement alternative solutions, thus contributing to the transition toward a more just and sustainable energy production and distribution model that benefits everyone.

Welcome to SYN-ENERGIA!

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Regarding energy communities

In 2018, the European Commission officially acknowledged citizens’ rights to self-generation and self-consumption of energy through the “Clean Energy for all Europeans” directive package, urging all Member States to recognize “energy communities” as new legal entities by the summer of 2021. Greece has already established a relatively progressive institutional framework for energy communities since 2018, with the enactment of Law 4513/2018. These communities primarily operate as cooperatives, enabling citizens, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), local authorities, and other civil society entities to jointly invest in clean energy projects, thereby collectively generating their own energy.

Amidst the energy crisis, self-generation of energy can play a pivotal role in substantially lowering energy costs. Through virtual net metering, energy communities have the ability to supply free and clean energy to energy-poor households for a duration of up to 25 years. Furthermore, by engaging in collective initiatives such as awareness campaigns, the acquisition of energy-efficient appliances, and group home renovations, energy communities can effectively reduce the energy consumption of their members to a significant degree.


About the Bodossaki Foundation

The Bodossaki Foundation is a philanthropic organization established in 1972 with the purpose of carrying on the legacy of its founder, Prodromos Bodossakis-Athanasiadis, within Greek society. Its overarching vision is to foster a society that offers equal opportunities, possibilities, and prospects for all individuals.

To realize this vision, the Bodossaki Foundation operates with transparency, accountability, and credibility, providing financial support, designing initiatives, and implementing programs aligned with its four strategic pillars: promoting education, improving healthcare, protecting the environment, and empowering Civil Society. Since its inception, the foundation has dedicated over 450 million euros to advance its objectives.

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