The mission of Dogs’ Voice is to effectively address stray animals’ population and management in Greece. We have designed a full service offered to local municipalities that provides holistic and realistic solutions to the problem by bringing together all available resources for the very first time. Our vision is to create a free of stray animals Greece where Greek citizens will be educated on responsible pet ownership and animals will be truly respected.



Social Impact Award is more than just an award. It is a year-round educational program on social entrepreneurship dedicated to students. It provides:


    Support participants to develop new social venture concepts

    In 2015 we ran 148 workshops for 3800+ participants in 39 cities across 10 countries. In 2016 new countries will join the program and further extend the reach our workshops have.


    Connect participants with an international community of entrepreneurs, peers and experts

    Expert juries in each country evaluate ideas and give feedback to all projects submitted. Moreover through the community voting, in 2015 over 29.000 people (unique visitors from 9 countries) got to know the best ideas and evaluate them in an engaging, transparent way. In 2016 we estimate that the new countries will increase this to over 40.000.


    Aid the development of entrepreneurial skills through inspiration and exposure to the field

    In 2015, 430 student teams developed & grew innovative social business ideas. Our past impact survey shows that 60% of projects submitted have been implemented and 35% are generating revenues.


    Support the best teams with financial capital and active support through-out the year.

    The best 34 projects from 2015 received a total of 85.000€ as summer stipends/seed funding, full membership in the Impact Hub Network and are part of a three months intensive incubation process.

Find out more about Social Impact Award here and here.

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