2 months – 90 hours of workshops – 300+ participants

Impact Hub Athens in collaboration with TechSoup Europe & SAP built a dynamic network of partners with more than 25 organizations across Greece & Cyprus for empowering & including youngsters & other groups through the learning of social skills. 

Teaming up, organizations designed & implemented creative webinars & online workshops with interactive sessions, games & problem solving, contests & non stop coding.

Technology is a powerful tool for advancing solutions to current social issues. Meet & Code Participants confirmed the case, through the production of workshops on basic & more advanced notions of coding approach social themes such as gender equality, diversity, environment, community & programming. 

Website design for newbies, web development, cybersecurity, Arduino, 3d design & printing, app development for empowering young women, game design for gender equality, tech4family, coding & sound production, are some of the ideas that were articulated in the context of the programme by  Youthmakers Hub – Genderhood – ApOusia – Mindspace – ARSIS Organisation for the social support of youth – SciCo – Epanekkinisis – Social Hackers Academy – Community Arts Lab – eNable – Active Cypriot 

We support young generations, women & other groups with potential by connecting them with innovative organizations & experts and thus demonstrating that technology, as a field, encourages improvisation, games & equips them with know-how for positive change in the current Era!

Have a taste of our workshops here: 

It’s Java Time – more here
A Website for Beginners more here
Develop-IT more here
Cybersecuritips more here
by Youthmakers

3d Design & printing – App Development – Introduction to Arduino more here  & here
by SciCo

Girls Go DEV more here
SheDragons: a game design workshop about gender more here
Tech4family more here by Genderhood

Fruit Synthesizer more here 
by ApOusia

My Story more here & here

Entrepreneurship basics & Digital transformation more here
By Mindspace

P(rogramming) S(torytelling): I love you – more here
GNTM: Girls Next Top Minds more  here
Algo-Hood δmore here
by Community Arts Lab

Scratch Dog for safety mind
Code the program with Snake – more here, here & here 
by Active Cypriot 

Girls go DEV – more  here
Tech it easy – more here
DEVs Alliance: De.Coding Integration  more here
by Social Hackers Academy 

3D printing design workshop ( here & here )
3D image printing ( with Lithophane) (here & here )
SMath ( here & here)
by Enable


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