A few nights ago, Impact Hub Athens and El Sistema Greece co-founder Sophie Lamprou received the prestigious IVLP Alumni Social Innovation & Change Award during the Global Ties U.S. 2018 national meeting in Washington D.C.! This award comes as recognition of the collective work Impact Hub Athens has been doing over the last five years both locally in Greece as well as on a universal scale, in connection with our global Impact Hub network. Thank you for believing in our work; thank you for supporting us to reach further and help create a shift in our society towards a more just, more inclusive and sustainable world.

Sophie Lamprou is an alumnus of the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), a program which connects current and emerging foreign leaders with their American counterparts through short-term programs to build mutual understanding on foreign policy issues. Nearly 200,000 distinguished individuals have participated in the program, including over 500 current and former Chiefs of State and Heads of Government, and thousands of leaders from the public and private sectors. Her IVLP group is still in touch with Americans they met on her three-week visit, which she recalls as “a greenhouse of opportunities for collaboration.”

In Sophie’s words:

“So here it is; the Social Innovation & Change Award! An award that recognises the collective work the Impact Hub Athens team is doing endlessly for the last 5+ years. Thank you for believing in our work; thank you for supporting us to reach further U.S. EMBASSY ATHENS, Eleni Alexaki, Todd Pierce, Mike Snyder, Lida Dimitriou, Evgenia Diatsigkou and #ExchangeAlumni. Thank you team for being so great. First of all, Dimitris Kokkinakis for being the best soul mate, partner & friend that can ever be Elena Lamprou for being a true sister and the backbone of all this work from day -100; without you we would not be here today. Lida Tsene for being the grounding, supportive, caring force, the person who is ways there to do together crazy, serious, playful, provocative, exciting and less exciting things- horray to you mummy. Andreas Michos and Giorgos Petrou for taking directly the responsibility to lead the critical pillars of Impact Hub Athens and be part of our roller coaster story with no fear. Mara Lytrokapi and Danai Sofia Vardali for being tireless in building our Impact Hub and making it better every day. And a colorful thanks to you…amazing mates for making this experience the special it was: Karla Gradilla, Onur Umut Aladinler, Carlos Azevedo, Annina Menzi, Mya Myo Chel, Shereen Mady, Traian Bruma, Surath Giri, Nda Masuku, Khalid Al Araimi, Iongwa Mashangao“ <3 you all”.



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