Social innovators from across Europe to compete for three €50,000 prizes awarded by the European Commission

Today ten Finalists have been named in the 2017 European Social Innovation Competition. They were selected from a shortlist of 30 semi-finalists, out of almost 800 entries from more than 40 countries.

In response to digitalisation’s transformative effect on the labour market, this year’s Competition aims to ‘reboot’ equality and ensure everyone in Europe benefits from the opportunities created by technological change.



Name of Project


Field/ Idea type

Basic income currency


Collaborative Solutions



Collaborative Solutions



Collaborative Solutions



Digital Employment/Entrepreneurship for Disadvantaged Groups



Skills Development



Digital Empowerment of persons with Disabilities

Power of Language


Digital Employment/Entrepreneurship for Disadvantaged Groups

SEED- The Peer-to-Peer Learning Platform


Collaborative Solutions



Digital Employment/Entrepreneurship for Disadvantaged Groups

Worker-owned apps for cleaners


Solutions for low-wage/low-skilled workers

See the full 2017 Competition announcement and list of 30 semi-finalists here:

Anna Sienicka, Vice President Europe Techsoup and member of the 2017 jury commented:

“As a jury, we were excited by the diversity and scope of all the shortlisted projects this year. They prove that social innovation will help to make our world more equal and fit for the future. All 10 finalists are fantastic examples of the types of tools, services and models that enable people, regardless of their specific context and environment, to seize the opportunities of the digital revolution. I hope these projects will inspire others to put their own ideas into action, and also catalyse new ways of addressing inequality for governments and communities throughout Europe alike.”


Image: 2017 semi-finalists gathered for the mentoring academy in Madrid

The 30 semi-finalists attended a mentoring academy in Madrid in July where they worked with experts in social innovation to refine their idea, before pitching to a jury of successful social innovators with expertise in digital innovation and skills development. Over the summer, they worked with an individual coach to develop their business plan. The jury have now critically evaluated each business plan and selected the 10 strongest entries.

Selected projects focus on digital employment/entrepreneurship and skills development for disadvantaged groups, present collaborative initiatives or solutions focused on skills development, and innovations for low wage and low skilled workers.

Organised since 2012 in memory of the Portuguese politician and social innovator Diogo Vasconcelos, the European Social Innovation Competition will help the most innovative ideas to become real, sustainable and transformative projects.

Three winners will be selected from the 10 Finalists and will each be awarded with a prize of €50,000 at the Awards Ceremony on 26 October 2017 in Brussels.

For full details please visit:

Follow the competition on Twitter: @EUSocialInnov #diogochallenge


About the European Social Innovation Competition

The European Social Innovation Competition, launched in memory of Diogo Vasconcelos, is a challenge prize run by the European Commission across all European countries, now in its fifth year. The theme of the 2017 competition is Equality Rebooted and seeks to find innovations in tools, services, and models that allow everyone to seize the opportunities offered by technological change.

The competition is organised by the European Commission, supported by NestaKennisland, ShipyardImpact Huband Matter&Co.



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