Online shopping with impact

An online Agora joins the cloud and gives locals enterpreneurs of Kypseli & around hoods the opportunity to present their businesses online. Local & handmade products, featuring in the conscious marketplace are  aligned with the values of reuse, sustainability and quality, thus boosting local entrepreneurship. 

We amplify the accelerated social impact by supporting the domain of social entrepreneurship to widen its spectrum & expend its community, while at the same time ensuring resilience, income & sustainability. The creation of social impact is more crucial than ever and this model promises successful rewards.

The times are changing, and Impact Hub Athens team gives new dimension to physical markets by designing a conscious online marketplace with small & bigger social businesses of the Municipal Market of Kypseli and around Greece.
The ultimate aim is to boost the operation of local stores with social impact in their business core through new technologies & development of new skills and thus make them resilient across time.  

5 social businesses

Refurbished & local products

Online shopping with impact

Municipal Market of Kypseli stores go online

The 5 social businesses of the Agora offer their products on a new online marketplace with impact.

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