About the Demo Day events:

A pitching event, during which social entrepreneurs, NGOs, and numerous promising startups have the opportunity to showcase their ideas/projects and connect with impact investors & industry leaders. Simultaneously, they leverage the collective intelligence of a relevant audience, comprising many members of the community and partners, to receive valuable feedback.


Rural Innovation Demo Days!

On the 14th of February, at 18.00 in our HQs, promising startups from Alexandroupoli & North Greece will have the chance to introduce themselves, present their projects and get connected with our impact investing community & relevant industry leaders!

The event is held in collaboration with the Lighthub, a member of the network of 8 rural incubators we created, in order to empower the entrepreneurial community in the Greek region.


Τhe startups that will take the stage of Impact Hub Athens will be:

 The Graphometrics team is developing a software which will serve as a screening test & medical examination for parkinson’s disease, by using Machine Learning & ΑΙ. 


NEREID | The future of yachting experience, is a start-up company that provides integrated cross-platform management systems for marinas and complete service assistance for boat owners. NEREID’s purpose is to fill the gap between boat owners and marinas, through an innovative platform.


E-waitress is a combination of four apps in one addressed to restaurants & cafes through which the clients can screen the menu, call the waitress and add their review in real time. While the clients can call the staff via their smartphones or smartwatches, the owners have access to relevant statistics & metrics.


Metabolio is a telemedicine platform that connects people with obesity with relevant health professionals. By creating a digital obesity clinique which combines high expertise with state-of-the-art digital technologies.


Local AI is a technology startup by young scientists and experienced IT professionals, AI enthusiasts, developing innovative solutions for sustainability utilizing the power of artificial intelligence for local and global stakeholders. AI innovation is at the core of its business strategy and in combination with advanced Geospatial Analytics they aim to bring groundbreaking solutions for assisting the green transition.


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