Municipal Market

Kypseli Municipal Market, a structure built in 1935, under the mayorship of Konstantinos Kotzias, comprises an excellent architectural structure and a typical example of the Athenian modernism era. In many occasions, was threatened by demolition, but was prevented after interventions and written complaints of significant citizens of the neighborhood, such dearly departed author Menios Koumantareas and honorary vice-president of the State Council, Michalis Dekleris.

Today the Market aspires to transform into a new collective space with social characteristics that will support community- serviced structures and multidimensional coactions that will promote the local society of Kypseli and Athens, the new creators, collegialities into a common space with open access for Kypselians, Athenians and visitors from others areas.

Open call

Open call for groups and collegialities in the 6th Municipal Department of Athens for the organization of activities in the Kypseli Municipal Market, by using the space for free. Our vision is the creation of a centerpiece of alternate activities in the Kypseli Municipal Market, dedicated to the city’ s various groups. At the center point of these activities lays the coexistence of the cultural element and the commercial nature of the Market. Kypseli Municipal Market offers the pitch to groups and organizations – official and unofficial- of the neighborhood, that were created from citizens and their main goal is the supply of a series of educational and cultural activities, for children and adults respectively.

Therefore, in order to enhance such initiatives we declare an open call to all those groups and collegialities of Kypseli and the extended 6th Municipal Department, by calling them to submit their proposals for organizing and hosting activities in the central hall of the Market (courtyard) every Monday and Wednesday 17.00- 20.00 hours, for the period between October and December 2017.


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