Impact Hub Athens teams up with Musikarama & invites individuals to join a series of multicultural activities that aim on assigning a new identity in the multicultural area of Exarchia!

People who love to cook, do crafts, dance, play music and sing, excited to learn & share, coming from diverse cultural backgrounds are invited to co-create interactive exhibits at Rozan park on 4 cultural themes!

ATHENS TRIBES [ working title: Φυλές της Αθήνας]


We mix sounds with traditional songs & melodies from around the world. We discover new musical instruments and versions and explore further a universal approach of the new music of the Athenian Tribes.  



Dancing has many forms, various attires across the world with distinct colors & textiles and diverse forms of expression.
We explore pattern dances across the world and the different views on the matters while we attempt to showcase dance as a public exhibit.


Each culture has its tastes, scents, recipes & ways of preparation. We explore common spots that cultivate ideas for experimentation, new dishes, ways of decoration as we attempt to promote culinary ideas with new nuances. 


Every culture has its own heritage in arts & crafts with unique traits that encourage new interpretation, schemes of collaboration & promotion. Through dialogue & co-creation we aim to design  artworks that arouse creative dialogue at the public space

Athens Tribes project gives you the chance to mingle with people, discuss on traditional traits of different cultures and transform an idea into an exhibit in the public space 

Join an action with impact and become a member of the most colourful Athenian Tribe!


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