Get inspired and re-imagine the way you eat and think about food!

#EatSmartChallenge kicks off in almost a week, on April 8th!

We invite each and everyone to “accept the challenge” towards a sustainable week, where we can re-imagine and rethink how we consume food! You can share your ways of sustainable lifestyle on your social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) through relevant photos, videos and quotes accompanied by the hashtags #eatsmartchallenge #7daychallenge #sustainableliving #foodfortomorrow #commonfood

It is important to challenge your peers to follow up with more sustainable content!

The event will culminate with a live #EatSmart Pop Up Brunch at the Municipal Market of Kypseli, where ambassadors and participants will meet at at an exclusive pop-up brunch for a good cause in a sustainable direction, where food will be presented from the production point to the ways of packaging. #EatSmart Pop Up brunch will be backed up with DIY workshops on sustainable food making and live cooking actions!

Now, is a good time to start planning and preparing for the week. What could the challenges mean for you, in your life, in your town, in your country? Why not sit down for lunch with others joining Eat Smart and talk about how you interpret the challenges. Thinking creatively will make it more fun!


Challenges Handbook:

Day 1
April 8 Go green – Be vegetarian for a day
Explore new and tasty vegetarian dishes today and leave out the meat.

Day 2
April 9 Back to basics – Cook your meal from scratch.
Try cooking everything from scratch with no processed or ready-made foods today.

Day 3
April 10 There’s more to explore – Try something new.
Find an ingredient you never tried before and cook an amazing meal based on it.

Day 4
April 11 Taste not waste – Love your leftovers.
Today you will produce zero leftovers! If you still generate some, be creative and make a new tasty dish out of them.

Day 5
April 12 Cook together – Eat together.
Invite friends or strangers and cook and eat a meal together.

Day 6
April 13 Know your farmer – Explore your local foodscape.
Buy your food directly from a local food producer today!

Day 7
April 14 Choose your own challenge today!

Today it’s your turn to decide the challenge for the day. Why not challenge your neighbours or friends to join you?

Also, it’s not too late to invite others so feel free to spread the link in your networks. The more we are the bigger the change!


Among the #Eatsmartchallenge Ambassadors are Cookpad Greece,  Zerowaste Athens, Sustainable Food Movement, Plastikourgeio, Victoria Square Project and a lot are about to follow!

The action and the respective posts will be promoted on a daily basis through the channels of the organizers Impact Hub of Athens, Municipal Market of Kypseli και της Swedish Embassy in Athens  and Swedish Institute of Athens.

By participating, you become an ambassador of the action and the main mediators of the campaign!

There’s still time to accept the challenge!



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