What is emerging? Why is social innovation and entrepreneurship crucial in the next 5 years? Where do we need to focus our potential and which are the most effective tools to contribute to positive change?

Let’s explore them together!

28 March @ Impact Hub Athens

15:30-16:00: Registration

16:00-17:00: Welcome to #5yearsofimpact | “A world that works for all”

How is the world changing today? Where do we need to focus as we shape
the agenda of social innovation and positive change?
What will shape the economy and society in the coming years?
Where can we find brilliant points of alternative ways of organizing, consuming, cohabiting and collaborating?

Alberto Masetti Zannini – Impact Hub Global Programmes Director
Monica Cummings, Counselor for Public Affairs, U.S. Embassy Athens

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17:00-18:15: Tech for good | Panel discussion
How can technology create opportunities for growth for social economy?

Vassilis Kostakis – Professor of P2P Governance, TalTech Faculty Associate, Harvard University | Founder ”P2P Lab
Thomas Patzko – Partnership Curating | Business Development | Future of Work | ”Impact Hub Zurich”
Vanessa Mason – Research Director ”Institute for the Future
Susanna Pollack – President ”Games For Change
*in virtual speech
Vassilis Tsolis – Co-founder CEO ”Congitiv+

Moderator: Despina Mitropoulou, Director of ”GFOSS” – Open Technologies Alliance

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18:15-18:30: Coffee Break


18:30-20:00: Tech for Good | Workshop
Games & Health
A brief introduction to foresight and futures thinking and how these approaches can lead to better present day actions and strategies.
By Vanessa Mason – Research Director ”Institute for the Future

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18:30-20:00: Activism | Panel Discussion
What can we do to empower the social movements & strengthen them further?


Athina Spyridaki – Bussiness Planner ”Patagonia
Lila Tsatsi – activist ”Save Epirus
Eleni Takou – Deputy Director Human Rights 360” | activist against Golden Dawn
Cleo Barnett – Deputy Director ”Amplifier
Gala Pin Ferrando – Barcelona City Councillor and activist
*in virtual speech

Moderator: Ivan March- Guerilla Foundation”- activist

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20:00-21:30: Activism | Screening & Workshop

-Activism Screening with Q&A | Blue Heart : ”The Fight for Europe’s Last Wild Rivers”
By Mihela Hladin Wolfe – ”Patagonia

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-Activism Workshop | The Art of Protest
How do we make social justice the most pleasurable human experience?
By Ivan March – Guerilla Foundation”- activist

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29 March @ Impact Hub Athens

11:00-12:30: Urbanism | Panel discussion
What is the future of our cities?

Charles Landry – Researcher on imagination & creativity in urban settings
Tom Fleming – Creative Consultant
Sebastian Schlueter – Program Coordinator Actors of Urban Change, Berlin 
Miograd Kuc – ZK/U Berlin

Moderator: Elena Mavromichali – Senior Consultant of Cultural Policies

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12:30-13:30: Lunch break


13:30-15:30: Urbanism | Co-creation Workshops

-Urbanism co-creation workshop 1 | The role of culture in shaping urban life
What is the role of culture in shaping urban life?
By Tom Fleming, Creative Consultant

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-Urbanism co-creation workshop 2 | Towards an Innovative city
What does innovation mean for a city?
By Charles Landry, Researcher on imagination & creativity in urban settings
& Elena Mavromichali, Senior Consultant of Cultural Policies

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-Urbanism co-creation workshop 3 | Strengthening the social and citizen fabric:
ways of participation & influencing
How do we build resilient communities?
By Miograd Kuc, ZK/U Berlin
& Elena Lamprou, Impact Hub Athens

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-Urbanism co-creation workshop 4 | Collaborative cities and collective interventions
How can we foster intersectoral collaboration (citizens, businesses, local administrations, academia)?
By Sebastian Schlueter – Program Coordinator Actors of Urban Change, Berlin 

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**As the seats are limited, 3 people will be selected to participate after registration to each workshop.

15:30-16:00: Coffee Break


16:00-19:00: Circular Economy HYDROUSA Launching event
Regenerative and nature-based water solutions. 
A community of water allies.

Circular Economy | Panel discussion

Keynote speech by
Johannes Kisser – 
Managing Director of ”alchemia-nova

Panel Discussion With
Johannes Kisser – Managing Director of alchemia-nova
Simos Malamis – Assistant Professor of the Technical University of Athens
Efthymios Lytras – Deputy Director of Environmental Affairs and R&D at EYDAP
Prof. Michael Scoullos – Chairman, MIO-ECSDE; GWP-Med

Matthias Reisinger
Head of Entrepreneurship and Creative Industries Austria Business Service – ”Impact Hub Vienna” Co-Founder

HYDROUSA Presentation – Regenerative and nature-based water solutions. A community of water allies
Simos Malamis, Assistant Professor of the Technical University of Athens

Islands Hopping – Innovation cruise Workshop

-”Tinos Ecolodge” | Presentation of Ecolodge – Water Loops in Eco-tourist facilities – hacking tourism
-”PLANET Nature Inspired Technoly” & ”alchemia-nova” | Low cost sea-water desalination
-”alchemia-nova” | Designing an Agroforestry System with Circular Practices – Bridging new and traditional techniques
-”NTUA” | Applying nature based solutions and water reuse
-”Delaros” | Presentation of Business Opportunities from circular water practices

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*All panels and workshops will be held in English.


30 March @Kypseli Municipal Market

10:30-11:30: The day will kick off & sealed by the visit of Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize-winning economist and social entrepreneur.

11:00-11:45: Community Yoga

11:45-12:15: Storytelling on Kypseli’s past and present by one who remembers

12:00-14:00: Educational Programme Junior Chef

12:00-12:30: Mark your own Tote bag (Silk-screen printing) | Workshop
By Margarita | Vocational Training Centre

                    Jewellery Upcycling Workshop
By Archipelagos

13:00-13:30: To know us better (interactive game)
By citizen group ‘I Kypseli mas’

                    Community artwork workshop
By Victoria Square Project

14:00 -15:00: Community Pic-nic (treat n get treated)

15:00-18:00: Youth Cafe | A pop up cafe run by Kypseli’s Youngsters
By Hive, Streetlights

15:00-15:30:  DYI – Revamp your old furniture!
By Archipelagos & Paliosinitheies

                      Kickboxing demonstration
By Pontikanazarenko Team

16:00-16:30: Dance Battles
By Hive, Streetlights

16:30-17:30: Craft your own Mask – workshop
By Arsis

17:30-18:00: Concert by the orchestra of the Municipal Market of Kypseli

18:00-19:00: Improvisations – exploring the relationship between speech, movement & mind
By Liminal

19:00-19:30: Lighting up the flagship building of the Municipal market of Kypseli backed up with a special hip-hop performance

Pop Up Hub

10:30-11:30: The day will kick off & sealed by the visit of Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize-winning economist and social entrepreneur.Interested in sharing your thought/concept on social change?
*Limited number of participants. Priority will be kept.
Participation requests for this specific slot shall be sent at [[email protected]]

12:00-13:00: Self-management of informal city groups
By “I Kypseli Mas”, citizen group in Kypseli

13:00-14:00: What’s the buzz about Kypseli’s Municipal Market?
By Impact Hub Athens team

15:00-16:00: How an art project becomes an organic space in Victoria Neighborhood
By Victoria Square Project

16:00-18:00: “Towards a creative protest” | Workshop
By Ivan March & Cleo Barnett

Register Here

*Pop Up Hub will be held in English or Greek regarding the participants’ needs

**Muhammad Yunus will stay in Athens as the main speaker at Convergences Greece Forum /Convergences
on April 1 at the Olympia Theater.

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