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 Do Business, Do it Yourself!


What does cash flow mean? What are the best team processes? What does an innovative business plan look like? What are the ingredients of a successful proposal for funding? Are you sure you can do them all yourself? No one is born a businessman not born, but you surely can become one! Even if you have never studied anything similar; even if this is the first time you decide to work for yourself! Do Business, Do it Yourself" is the program for you!


Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 7.10.00 PMThe program is designed to support young entrepreneurs in their first steps, providing them with the necessary tools and helping them save time and money by learning about the basics of a sustainable business. Through an intensive cycle of eight meetings in strictly small groups (up to 15 persons) the participants are provided with all the information and tools they need to start their social business.            


The 8 seminars of the course are designed to meet the needs of a social entrepreneur, who is about to start their business. During the course of two months, the program  will cover eight specific topics through 4-5 hour-long  sessions. The seminars are designed and carried out by  renowned professionals in their field and academics from Greece and abroad.
  1. Your personal vision
  1. Introduction to Business Modelling
  1. Giving value to your idea (Value Proposition)
  1. Designing Your Own Business Model
  1. Modeling of processes and finances
  1. Measuring your positive impact on society
  1. Communication
  1. The next day for your business


Duration: 2 months

Cost: 200 €

All seminars will be held at Impact Hub Athens area.