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HYDROUSA:  An innovative European project for regenerative & circular solutions concludes its meeting successfully in Nice


Organised by UT SEMIDE, the European project HYDROUSA – which aims to provide innovative solutions for Mediterranean islands in terms of water/wastewater treatment and management through closing water loops and boosting agricultural and energy profiles – held its 2nd General Meeting on 31st January- 1st February 2019 in Nice at the Centre Universitaire Méditerranéen (C.U.M). The meeting brought together the project consortium, composed of 27 partners, together with direct stakeholders coming from French and other European Islands to discuss the implementation progress of the project.



Water management in Mediterranean islands is currently fragmented and there are several barriers, which need to be overcome in order to close water loops and contribute towards the environmental and economic development of these regions. Mediterranean islands, in particular, face significant challenges in terms of water management and conservation. Water reserves are scarce, while the high touristic activities during the summer months stress the limited water reserves.

To overcome these challenges, the Horizon 2020-funded project HYDROUSA, which started on 1st July 2018 for a period of 54 months with a total budget of 12 Million euros, aims to provide innovative solutions for Mediterranean islands in terms of water/wastewater treatment and management through closing their water loops and boosting agricultural and energy profiles. HYDROUSA goes beyond the current water and wastewater management practices by adopting innovative, nature-based water management solutions for different types of water characterised by low energy footprint. These technologies will be demonstrated in six demonstration sites at full scale in three Mediterranean islands (Lesvos, Mykonos and Tinos).


HYDROUSA 2nd General Meeting in Nice

The project HYDROUSA held its 2nd General meeting from 31st January to 1st February 2019 in Nice at the Centre Universitaire Méditerranéen (C.U.M) organised by the French partner UT SEMIDE which is part of the consortium. During the general meeting, the consortium of the HYDROUSA project – which consists of 27 highly competent organisations involved in water management, agricultural activities, ICT and, business/marketing, dissemination/ communication – presented and discussed the status of the project after the first 6 months and prepare the next phases. The meeting was also attended by two Advisory Board members, Prof Michael Scoullos, Chair of GWP-Med and MIO-ECSDE (Greece), and Florent Chazarenc, Research Director at IRSTEA (France). They both appreciated the overall dynamic of the project, the positive energy of the 60 participants and they gave recommendations for future activities.

Furthermore, the project organized a stakeholder’s session during the afternoon of 1st February to collaborate with stakeholders from the replicability sites coming from Porquerolles and Zlarin Islands (Croatia) represented by SMILO network (Sustainable Islands network launched by Conservatoire du Littoral) and Elba Island (Italy). Furthermore, academics from Polytech –Cote d’Azur University joined the session.

Finally, transferability of HYDROUSA solutions will be demonstrated in Mediterranean and water stressed places in 25 early adopter cases in coastal areas and islands in Italy, Spain, Cyprus, France, Egypt, Croatia, Israel, Turkey, Palestine, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia and at least 6 water-stressed rural or peri-urban areas from Bulgaria, China, UAE, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Malaysia and Argentina. Institutional pathways, policy drivers, barriers and opportunities for the market deployment of the project technologies and services and for the use of the recovered resources will be detected, analysed and elaborated on.


*** HYDROUSA has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 776643.


Contact Person:


UT SEMIDE director



More information about HYDROUSA



Title: Demonstration of water loops with innovative regenerative business models for the Mediterranean region



Total budget: €12,015,448.75

EC contribution: €9,958,706.88

Duration: 54 months Start date: 01/07/2018

Number of partners: 27



HYDROUSA will revolutionise the water value chains from water use up to sewage treatment and reuse. The project goes beyond the current water and wastewater management practices by adopting innovative, nature-based, low energy footprint management solutions for different types of water; these include wastewater, rainwater, groundwater, atmospheric vapour water and seawater. HYDROUSA innovations will produce water suitable for different uses including domestic and agricultural use, drinking water as well as energy and high added value products to be marketed. Sensor development, big data valorisation, machine learning, modelling and prediction will be used in HYDROUSA’s open source monitoring and controlling platform resulting in the development of our water – energy – food nexus DSS tool.



Project objectives

  • Demonstrate that circular nature-based technologies work for supplying fresh water from non-conventional water sources
  • Demonstrate that circular nature-based technologies work for wastewater treatment and nutrient recovery, while creating further environmental and societal benefits
  • Show that the applied technologies are feasible within existing (legal) constraints and create economic return, hence create jobs and boost the economy
  • Make sure that the community and stakeholders are engaged in all parts of the value chain from the very beginning
  • Prove that skilled workmanship combined with modern ICT solutions create resilient and attractive long-lasting systems
  • Establish the water-energy-food-employment nexus and work with true cost accounting as tool for circular economy assessment
  • Replicate this concept to as many other places as possible with additional funding and spread the good news
  • To effectively deal with the demand side of unsustainable water consumption through the utilization of unconventional water resources in agriculture and for domestic use 


Project partners



No. Participant Organisation name Main tasks in the project Short name Type Country
1 National Technical University of Athens Coordination, wastewater management, rainwater storage NTUA RTD Greece
2 alchemia-nova GmbH Nature-based solutions, agricultural innovations, water recovery ALCN SME Austria
3 Brunel University London  Water, energy & C footprint UBRUN RTD UK
4 Municipality of Mykonos Local dissemination MYK OTHER Greece
5 Università Politecnica delle Marche Monitoring, transferability and replicability plan UNIVPM RTD Italy
6 Unite Technique du SEMIDE GEIE Business concepts application, capitalisation SEMIDE OTHER France
7 Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development Health aspects of crops HUSD RTD Egypt
8 ISIS Organic Food Agriculture, productisation ISOF SME Egypt
9 Iridra Srl Constructed wetlands IRID SME Italy
10 Planet di Villa Alessandro & C. SAS Solar desalination PLANET SME Italy
11 European Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform Dissemination and Communication activities WssTP NGO Belgium
12 Catalan Institute for Water Research Transferability to Spain, water loops, micropollutants ICRA RTD Spain
13 Azienda Servizi Ambientali Transferability to Italian islands ASA OTHER Italy
14 Agricultural and Environmental Solutions ICT integration, crops, gamification AGE SME Greece
15 Radtke Biotechnik Plant consortia, greenhouse RAD SME Germany
16 Tinos Ecolodge Development/operation of demo water loops in eco-tourist facility ELT SME Greece
17 Impact Hub Labs Social impact, community interaction IHA NGO Greece
18 Catalan Water Partnership Transferability to Catalonia CWP NPO Spain
19 Delaros OE  Development/operation of demo cases for rainwater harvesting DEL SME Greece
20 Bioversum – Natured Inspired Solutions   Water capture, composting BIOV NPO Austria
21 Plenum GmbH Financing schemes, banks, venture capital, internal communication PLEN SME Austria
22 Minarva Costruction SA Construction & maintenance of UASB/ wetland systems in Lesvos MIN SME Greece
23 Lesvos Municipality Local dissemination LESVOS OTHER Greece
24 Municipality of Tinos Local dissemination TINOS OTHER Greece
25 AERIS Tecnologias Ambientales S.L. Technology provider UASB AERIS SME Spain
26 Satistica Ltd Control and automation SATIS SME UK
27 Memira Genesis Ltd Website; replication in Cyprus;

Data provision for models