25.04.2017 | Mentoring & Networking – Open Seminar

A. Mentoring – ad hoc and structured Presentation (1 hour)

Mentoring or apprenticeships have evolved through time. In the digital age, one no longer needs to be physically present to mentor or be mentored. The training period for a blacksmith used to be longer than modern-day mentorships are. Some associations have implemented a specific structure for mentorships, but a lot of mentoring is more ad-hoc. Social media queries can be viewed as incidental mentoring. Training at an office is more intensive and structured than replying to questions sent when in doubt, but the principle is the same.
How do both parties benefit from the relationship? What does a good mentor-mentee relationship require?
This talk will address the various types and both sides of mentorship. In essence, it is a win-win situation.

Β. Networking – Do it your way!Presentation (1 hour)

What is a network? What kind of networks are there? This presentation answers the questions: When? Where? How? without providing a programme to follow…  Do you need an elevator pitch or multiple elevator pitches? Why?
Networking is an exchange. An exchange of business cards, ideas, information on your business and theirs.


About the two facilitators 

Elsbeth de Jager

Elsbeth de Jager is a translator and author who has written more than ten children’s books. Most of the books she writes have a social agenda, for example, about Syrian children in refugee camps or about children with two mothers or two fathers. Elsbeth translates poetry and lyrics but also more usual texts such as marketing, tourism, literature, education, theology, websites and newsletters. She also works as an editor for several publishers and teaches Business German and Dutch as a second language.

Ellen Singer

Ellen Singer has been a technical translator for more than twenty years at AzTech Solutions, a small translation agency that provides a wide range of services, which she runs with her husband. Although she specializes in technical translation, Ellen’s interests and skills are far-ranging. She relishes the challenge of projects requiring creativity and rhyming skills, as well as transcreation projects, and she has spoken at translation conferences on a wide range of topics.


Please reserve your free ticket via Eventbrite. This event is specifically designed for translators (members of the PEEMPIP) and Impact Hub Members. A few extra seats are reserved for other groups of people wishing to attend. There might be a waiting list for those seats, depending on the demand.

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Date & Time

April 25 | 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm


Impact Hub Athens

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