This year’s annual Member & Maker Survey was the, to date, largest global effort to understand our community with 2.390 Impact Hub Members participating in the survey. After six months of joint preparation with academic partner the Vienna University of Economics & Business the survey was conducted between February and March 2016 asking Impact Hub Members key questions about their demographics, business progress and overall happiness in the community. In Athens 58 Members took part in the survey. Now, the results are in and we are happy to share with you some of the highlights.


Members Profile

Since the official launch of Impact Hub Athens in 2013, our community has grown bigger. Let’s have a look at some key demographics of the Impact Hub community today:

  • 58.5% of our members are male, and 39.6% female. Most members belong to the age cohorts 26-35 (39.6%) and 36-45 (28.3%).
  • All members have a strong educational background and started their business with quite some year of work experience (on average 12.5 years)
  • 76.6% stated that they are founders or co-founders of their companies
  • The areas of their impact are rather diverse with the most prominent areas being community and social inclusion (56.9%), education and research (43.1%), democracy and citizenship (34.5%)


How they deliver their return and impact

We asked our members about their business impact and growth. Here is what they told us:

  • Reach: Impact Hub Athens members reached large markets and audiences in the course of the year 2015. Almost 35.000 people ultimately benefited from the activities of organizations working directly with beneficiaries.
  • Organizational Growth Stage: The organizations in the sample of Impact Hub Athens reported a variety of development stages: 8.6% are developing an intention, 10.3% are in idea stage, 27.6% have started operations, 31% have their operations up and running, and 22.4% reported to be scaling their activities.
  • Innovation: 44.4% of organizations report to offer a product or service that is innovative on a national or global scale. At the same time, 38.9% of organizations cater to beneficiaries or customer groups that no one else provides products and services for in their country or even the entire world.


  • Revenue Growth: In terms of revenue, Impact Hub Athens members can on average look back at a successful year 2015. 25% report steep revenue increases (>50% increase over 2014) and 25% a considerable increase (between +10 and +35% over 2014). For 34.4%, revenue remained more or less unchanged. Only 15.6% report lower financial revenue in 2015 than in 2014.
  • Job creation. Overall, 98 new jobs were created within Impact Hub Athens network, 20 full time, 38 part time και 40 paid support positions.


How do we engage and collaborate

We believe that impact cannot happen in isolation. It requires collective action. Let’s see how our members delivered on collaborative norms:

  • 69% of members agreed with the statement that it is easy to approach members and ask for help and 67.3% agree that it is easy to find competent members when advice is needed.
  • Similarly, 82.7% feel comfortable discussing new ideas with members while more than 65% believe that their support and mentoring for others is reciprocal.
  • Community Interactions between members also scored high, including  an aggregated 306 hours of peer-to-peer support and feedback each month.
  • Impact Hub Athens had the highest score within our global community when it comes to valuable connections achieved and established within our network. Our members reported a total of 957 new valuable connections that where facilitated and established within Impact Hub Athens! 


Future considerations

We also requested our members to share with us what their key needs are, asking them to rank different needs by importance, and consequently how well Impact Hub Athens is doing supporting those needs. Here is what they told us:

  • Overall, the majority of members of Impact Hub Athens shows high appreciation for the support provided by Impact Hub and its community of members. 83.9% experience Impact Hub Athens as rather supportive in the area of inspiration.
  • Similarly, 77.9% find Impact Hub supportive in the areas of connections.
  • Satisfaction rates in the area of enabling (e.g. revenue generation, impact assessment) are slightly lower: here, 63.2% assess Impact Hub as rather supportive or supportive. In comparison to 2015, member satisfaction has strongly improved for all three question groups.
  • Particularly high satisfaction was expressed for “learning about new issues and topics” and “strengthening your personal motivation” and “accessing better working infrastructure”.
  • Some opportunities for improvement may be found in areas such as generating revenues and expanding to new geographical areas.
  • Finally, members report to have identified an average of 3.1 opportunities for a new project or venture. For 71.3% of these opportunities, Impact Hub Athens and its members played a role in the process of discovery.