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Entrepreneurial Toolkit - Collaboration - Inspiration - Capacity Building

Acting as a springboard for exploring ideas, sharing knowledge, and gaining access to essential resources and capital, we are creating a powerful ecosystem to support a new type of economy, the economy we envision and build on the values of co-creation. Till now our members are counting their impact in many areas, as Social Inclusion, Democracy, Human Rights, Environment, Health, Employment, Education, Technology, Arts, Migration and Integration etc. We are a community of creators building a radically collaborative world.

We provide an integrated series of Programs, starting from the stage of ideation and discovery of the most innovative and high impact idea that we track and award with the internationally established SIA (Social Impact Award) ; working on educational and experimental stages of each social business through the guidance and the expertise that we provide with the Impact Hub Academy; and selecting the best and most sustainable social businesses that could Scale nationally or internationally with the support and methodology of the Scaling Programme.

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